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If your blog is older than six months and having traffic on it then why are you not earning money using Google Adsense or other platforms. This post will cover all the issues regarding Google Adsense and other Alternatives.

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the most reliable, most popular, most loved by advertisers and publishers. Google Adwords is most trusted by advertisers who want to advertise their product or want to advertise their website. You earn more than any other ad platforms per click by Google Adsense, that is, the CPC is highest. Before you can put the ads on your website or blog you need to have your account approved on most of the platforms including Google Adsense. Google have strict policy for web publishers and thats why it is most trusted by advertisers. When you apply for approval from Google Adsense your account is reviewed by Google Engineers after sometime (24-48 hours). Your website should should not have adult content or copyrighted content. Your website should not have links that are involved in piracy or malware distribution. After approval of your account the ads start to be displayed. Google Adsense displays contextual ads for Google Search Engine.

What is best about Google Adsense:

  1. Google Adsense pays more than any other advertising platform. CPC is highest.
  2. Google Adsense has most easy payment methods including International Cheque.
  3. Google Adsense is the most trusted and popular platform.
  4. Google Adsense will display ads of your own choice and related to your content.
  5. You don't have to pay a fee for registration.
  6. You don't need to have traffic or visitors on your website for approval. But you need that to earn.
  7. Google Adsense also show ads on mobiles, therefore maximizing your earnings.

What are the problems:
  1. They are very strict to the content of your website and your activities.
  2. A single click by you even by mistake is enough to disapprove your account.
  3. A person can make your ads disappear from your blog by clicking the ads frequently.

We recommend you follow the following things before registering for Google Adsense:

  1. Read Google Adsense Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  2. You should be over eighteen years old.
  3. Your blog's primary language should be in English.
  4. Recommended that your blog become 3 months older or more than that.
  5. It is recommended that you don't use other ad platforms however it is allowed by Google Adsense.
  6. The theme or template of your blog should be good looking and interconnecting to your pages.
  7. Create contact and about pages for your blog in which you describe what about your is and what type of text or content it have. Include your gmail using which your are registering on Google Adsense in about or contact page Contact page will also make your blog trusted by Google.
  8. Your blog or website should not have other's copyrighted item.
  9. Your blog should not promote anything illegal.
  10. Your blog should have atleast some content, We recommend at least 30 to 40 posts.
  11. Your blog should should not have paid traffic.
  12. You should use your personal computer on which you trust that no one will click your own ads.

Remember these things after being approved from Google Adsense:

  1. Google Adsense shows 3 ads per account on web page.
  2. Never click your own ads, even by mistake. A single click will be considered invalid activity and your account will be dis-approved for always.
  3. Follow the Google Adsense Policy.
  4. Never ask the visitors to click on ads. This will make your account disapproved.

Other top advertising platforms that may be the alternatives of Google Adsense: However Google Adsense is best and no other platform is better or equal to this platform, but if you blog or website can not approved by Google Adsense due to its content or was disapproved for invalid activity, these are the top advertising platforms after Google Adsense.

  1. Media.NET for yahoo and bing: Media.NET is the best alternative for Google Adsense and the second most popular ads platform. Media.NET shows contextual ads for Yahoo! Search and Bing from Microsoft. The policy of Media.NET is similar to Google Adsense but you should have atleast more than 100 visitors per day and more than 500 page views. Your content should be hight quality. Media.NET pays by PayPal, by Bank Transfer and Cheque. Getiing your account approved is difficult.
  2. Chitika: Chitika is one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense but their is a problem. Chitika will not pay you money for the ad clicks from India or Pakistan and your blog or website should have traffic from countries like USA or Canada, because Chitika mostly shows ads from shopping websites that delivers their products mostly to these countries.  Chitika is similar to Google Adsense in way of choosing type of ads to display on your blog or website.
  3. Bidvertiser:
  4. SiteScout formerly AdBrite
  5. Kontera: Kontera is very similar to other ad platform Infolinks, because the type of ads which is in-text is very similar to Infolinks.
  6. Admaya.IN: AdMaya shows ads from India but is available for bloggers from any country and pays about 1 to 2 rupees (INR) per click. AdMaya is easy to install on any blog. AdMaya shows very few ads. The ads are from Indian websites like or However getting your website approved is very easy.
Some other advertising platforms:
  1. Infolinks: Infolinks pays a very little ammount of money to the publishers. But infolinks have good types of ads. Infolinks can show good results for websites or blogs with high traffic becuase the number of ad click and views are higher than any other advertising platform. You can put ads in the your own text and that will look like double underlined hyperlinks. Infolinks have many methods to pay the publishers like PayPal
  2. IntelliLinks
  3. SkimLinks
  4. Triable FUSION: Their expectations are very high, and they need about half a million unique visitors from your website, frequent updations i.e. posting, good design, privacy policy page, top level of own domain i.e should not be based on blogspot or wordpress but if your website meets all these requirements you can try this platform. However pay per click of Triable FUSION is very high i.e. almost equal to Google Adsense.
  5. Technorati Media: Newly launched advertising platform for bloggers.
  6. B4PSAds
  7. FXOpen
  8. Vibrant Media
  9. ValueClickMedia or FastClick: It is also a good alternative. FastClick make your earnings faster.
  10. AdDynamo.NET: AdDynamo is also a good alternative of Google Adsense. AdDynamo approves almost every application in short time. Their policy is very simple to follow and they also pay for tweets. AdDynamo is Africa's leading advertising platform.
  11. Adside
  12. Reachli
  13. ZEDO
  14. Link Worth
  15. Clicksor: Your account will get approval in the first time and the website don't need any traffic even less than Google Adsense. Ads are in text and pop-up windows.
  16. Quadabra
  17. Dynamic Oxygen
  18. Exit Junction
  19. ContextWeb
  20. Adversal: If you want to take benefit of this platform your website or blog should have some traffic from western countries.
  21. BuySellAds
  22. Text-Link-Ads
  23. iSocket
  24. NuffNang
  25. Affinity
  26. Ambient DIGITAL
  27. PopAds
This post was about:
What should or should not with Google Adsense.
More than 30 (1 + 6 + 27 = 34) or 30+ advertising platforms for website or blog owners.
Alternatives of Google Adsense.
How to earn money using your online content or blog.

Google Adsense is best and never loose it.
Don't keep this thing in mind that how the positions of ad platforms are sorted in this page.
We at TechiMen are not showing ads because we are struggling for visitors and the blog is new. And after TechiMen will become much older and start getting traffic, we will have ads on it.

If you know about more good ad platforms, comment below.

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