Ultimate ways to make money by blogging

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If you want to make money online from your blog. You work many hours to develop your blog but are not earning anything then this post is ultimately going to help you. This post will also cover the different ways to earn money online.

No country redirect for blogger

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Don't like Blogger's default country redirect then this post is going to help you a lot. Google is updating Blogger daily and many new features has been introduced or going to be introduced. One is automatic country domain redirect. Go through the post and you will find for what you were searching for.

Which template is best for a blog?

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Created a new blog or want to change your current blog's template. If you are thinking that which template should be installed on your blog, then this post is definitely going to help you. Never install a template on your blog without reading this post.

Google Adsense and all alternatives

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If your blog is older than six months and having traffic on it then why are you not earning money using Google Adsense or other platforms. This post will cover all the issues regarding Google Adsense and other Alternatives.

Shortcut file properties in windows

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Want to create a shortcut file in Microsoft Windows so that it open a specific file in a specific software? Also you can open a file with the shortcut key. Yes you can create a Windows shortcut file to open a file in a software. For example if you want to open a image file in png, gif, jpeg format in Adobe Photoshop or Inkscape, or you want to open a website in Google Chrome and another in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer you can do that by creating different Microsoft Windows shortcut files. You just have to configure it.

Metro Classic Template for Blogger

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Name of Blogger Template: Metro Classic Template
For: Gadgets, Technology, Geeks, Girls, Personal Blog, Product blog or website.
By: Templateism
Published: May, 2013


Description: The template has good and different colors. Colors are suitable for eyes and produces freshness. The publisher got the great idea of page menu and links at left side. Your sidebar will be on left side. At the top you will have announcement line announce what you want to announce from your blog or website. A great effect is seen when you hover over the page menu at left. The page menu has metro theme picture with the caption of pages. The template is compatible with all updated browsers We tested the template on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Apple's Safari. Below announcement there is 'featured posts area' which can be customized by editing HTML of your template. The template is responsive that is when your browser's size is re-sized or on the smaller or bigger screens, the template adjusts the content of your blog to make it look perfect and the viewer don't have to scroll horizontally. However there are some cons of this template, which are, featured posts widget does not add the post automatically and you should have time and knowledge to edit the template's HTML. 

Points to remember: In this template you can post image with any size but the width of images should be more than 700 pixels for no pixels blurring.

How to setup: There are no special widgets that you will have to setup and you can enjoy the template by just installing on blogger

Want to increase Alexa rank?

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Alexa is the website which is most popular for providing the rank of a website on the basis of traffic. Alexa say that they are 'The web information company.' Alexa rank doesn't help in increasing your traffic in any way. But there are many benefits of good Alexa ranking. Good Alexa ranking means the less rank. For example 1 is better than 2. However Alexa doesn't or we can say can't provide exact information on ranks or traffic stats. The ranks are determined on the visits of website through their system. We can say that they will have information of the visits if the visitor has Alexa extension installed on her/his computer.

How can Alexa rank help us?: Alexa rank doesn't help you increase your visitors or traffic stats but the good Alexa rank can help you in the following ways:

  1. A good Alexa rank determines the status of your blog or website.
  2. A good Alexa rank is the only way that can be a reason for the advertisers to contact you to show their ads on your website.
  3. For other bloggers or web developers, Alexa rank will make them to exchange website or blog links.

How can we increase our Alexa rank?: The following steps will really help you to increase your Alexa rank. Check your Alexa rank today. Follow the following steps. Then check your rank after 15 days. You will find that the increase in your rank.

  1. First of all install the Alexa extension i.e. Alexa toolbar (Download) to your computer.
  2. Ask your visitors to install the toolbar.
  3. Your own visits to your website or blog will also increase Alexa rank.
  4. Ask your friends to download Alexa toolbar and make your website or blog their homepage.
  5. Link Alexa on your blog or website by creating a post.
  6. Number of your visitors increases Alexa rank. Increase your visitors.

Facebook likebox in lightbox for new visitor

How to open Facebook likebox in lightbox
What if you ask your first time visitor on your website to like your Facebook page, about 90% people will exit and about 10% people will like your page. Your Facebook page's likes is the status of your page on Facebook. Isn't it? Yes it is this widget will help you little to increase likes. Even we used this for sometime to increase our likes on TechiMen but we later removed it for no reason. This widget help you make your blog more professional and good looking and the increase in your Facebook likes. The best thing is that this widget only ask to like those visitors who visit the blog or website for the first time. If somebody clicks anywhere except on likebox, the likebox lightbox disappears. The pop-up likebox also disappears when the page is refreshed/reloaded or F5 is pressed.

So let us come to the point 'how to install it on your Blogger blog?':
1. Go to Blogger then to your blog
2. Now go to layout from dashboard.
3. If you already have HTML/JavaScript
Click on Add Widget in any section "Sidebar or Footer" and select HTML/JavaScript
4. Now copy the script below (after changing 'TechiMen' with your Facebook page username or page id) and paste in the HTML/JavaScript widget

5. Now click on 'Save'.

Now the widget will work when somebody visits your blog or website first time or deletes its cache/cookies and browser history. I hope it works for you.

Free internet download managers

If you are looking for a free alternative of Internet Download Manager then you come to the right post on TechiMen. IDM is very good software to download anything from internet more conveniently and faster than inbuilt downloader of your Internet Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, or Apple Safari).

Cricket Mag Template for Blogger

Name of Blogger Template: Cricket Mag
For: All blogs or websites which post news or articles about any sport specially cricket.
Published: August, 2013

Description: The template is designed for the blogs which are about cricket. But the template can be customized for any sport. For example Soccer, Tennis, Basket Ball or any other sport in this world. The template can also be used for news blogs and websites. The template has green and black theme with a background picture in which there are bats, balls, and the wills. You can customize the background image by going to Template > Edit HTML. The template has a great looking social pages menu buttons that are very light gray colored and become colored and more stylish when mouse is hovered over the buttons. The template also serves featured posts, and most recent posts. Footer is designed perfectly like any professional template. The template also has 'Related Articles' widget below posts and 'Share it please' above posts by default. The template has great advertising spots where you can place your adsense widget/codes. Templateism claim that the template is not just 'SEO friendly' it is 'Highly SEO friendly' and will bring traffic quickly after you start posting. The pages menu at the top of template is the most interesting part of template because it is multi-level. For example you can place your pages like: Teams > South Asia > India.
Things to remember: You can post images of any size but we recommend you to post images with ratio 59:44 (e.g. 590 X 440 or 1180 X 880). Don't try to extend the title of your posts more than 50 characters or less than 30 characters.
How to setup: There are no instructions for 'How to setup' for this template.




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