Facebook likebox in lightbox for new visitor

How to open Facebook likebox in lightbox
What if you ask your first time visitor on your website to like your Facebook page, about 90% people will exit and about 10% people will like your page. Your Facebook page's likes is the status of your page on Facebook. Isn't it? Yes it is this widget will help you little to increase likes. Even we used this for sometime to increase our likes on TechiMen but we later removed it for no reason. This widget help you make your blog more professional and good looking and the increase in your Facebook likes. The best thing is that this widget only ask to like those visitors who visit the blog or website for the first time. If somebody clicks anywhere except on likebox, the likebox lightbox disappears. The pop-up likebox also disappears when the page is refreshed/reloaded or F5 is pressed.

So let us come to the point 'how to install it on your Blogger blog?':
1. Go to Blogger then to your blog
2. Now go to layout from dashboard.
3. If you already have HTML/JavaScript
Click on Add Widget in any section "Sidebar or Footer" and select HTML/JavaScript
4. Now copy the script below (after changing 'TechiMen' with your Facebook page username or page id) and paste in the HTML/JavaScript widget

5. Now click on 'Save'.

Now the widget will work when somebody visits your blog or website first time or deletes its cache/cookies and browser history. I hope it works for you.

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